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Quiet Quitting: Add it to my resume

May, 2008. I picked up and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, hired as the opening Training Manager for a Hilton Resort that was due to open that summer. This was a unique property in that it was located in the Pueblo of Pojoaque and would be the first resort/casino in...

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Moving again. Don’t care? You should.

We’re moving. Again. By again I mean for the third time in a year, and for the 12th time in the past ten years. But who’s counting?The dual move last year had a strong endgame–we landed 1 ½ blocks from the beach. The timing wasn’t quite right from when we got...

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Par for the Course: Telling not asking

Mike, my husband, puts the groundskeeping crew at Augusta to shame. To say he is meticulous in his golf course superintending is to say it’s fairly warm in Florida right now. (Reference: heat index 108 today.) That guy could spot a weed on Mars.  Tuesdays are...

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An aerial shot of a golf course

Never Fails: Amy Climer Edition

About 5 months into the start of the Covid pandemic (do I need to specify?) my husband’s car broke down. Perhaps better stated…it died. Up to Subaru heaven. Or wherever ancient Subarus go to rest.  Mike and I decided a replacement car was unnecessary since the only...

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Writing a list in a notebook

Rumination: how to stop the constant swirl.

Rumination…Let’s discuss. We’ll keep it brief, because knowing me and my brain and how it works, I will ruminate on ruminating and that will get us all nowhere.  You know the moment: you give a presentation, and you finish, and instead of that I WAS AWESOME feeling...

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Messy, unmade bed

Show Don’t Tell: How to Engage and Not Offend

She read the first draft of her acceptance speech for a prestigious award she received. There was a line along the lines of, “This group has always inspired me…”I resisted interrupting.  Then, a minute later, another line, “I had struggled early in my career,...

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Authority or leadership: which do you embrace?

I tagged along as a nanny of sorts with some family on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. As soon as we arrived in the city and I took in the adobe buildings and the green chile–I made a vow that someday I would call Santa Fe home.  The move to the high desert...

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