Erin O’Malley

Keynote Speaker, Communications Expert, & Culture Catalyst


Do these sound familiar?

  • Your business is poised to grow but the momentum has stalled.
  • Communication between departments is non-existent. Silos are strong!
  • The team craves feedback but reacts as it’s a personal attack when delivered.
  • Your time is spent putting out fires and negotiating conflict.
  • Your employees talk about each other instead of to each other.
  • The drama has taken over and the team is asking, “Why am I even here?”


If you want cultures where:

Teams are unified under a clear vision and purpose with a defined path to make it happen

Teams work with each other, busting through silos and prioritizing collaboration

Teams trust and value each other to grow and get things done

Then unlocking human connection is the key that
drives your business, and vision, forward.

Then unlocking human connection is the key that drives your business, and vision, forward.

I’m Erin, and I’m on a mission to help leaders and their teams show up, engage, and connect at the human level. Ten years in hospitality leadership plus two years in the Peace Corps combined with ten years of facilitating workshops to thousands of participants in seven countries later, if there’s one truth I’ve discovered, it’s this: the more organizations, leaders,  and frontline teams insist their problems are unique, the more evidence I discover that the traits that connect us are universal. I work with leaders and organizations, from the frontline to the C-Suite, teaching them to redefine perceived problems with leadership, engagement, and loyalty, and focus on the real issue: connection.

What high-performing teams are made of:  

What high-performing teams are made of:

What teams that sync look like:

Silo free

Two-way communication

Asking not telling

Feedback flows

Ownership & Accountability Prevail

If that sounds like the type of team you’re looking to build and develop,
here are some ways we can work together:

If that sounds like the type of team you’re looking to build and develop, here are some ways we can work together:

Interactive experiences designed to leave your team collaborating, communicating, and engaging like never before.

Explore the Connection Framework through inspirational, actionable, real, and relevant keynote experiences.

Insights, lessons learned, and the occasional rant about creating cultures of connection.

What People & Clients Are Saying

Slavenko Drincic

General Sales Manager, Passport Mazda

“Erin was just awesome! Her personality, her attitude, her training style, everything was perfect. She helped us double our sales over a 6-month period. We’ve grown a lot over the past year. Our mindset, our process, our attitude. I truly believe our culture has changed. We all want to give you one big hug.”

Whitney Carney

Keller Williams Realty

“I have witnessed Erin’s magic first-hand. First, she can -and does- connect with all levels of an organization. From the owners to the front line employees, she has the right mix of tact, focus and humor to win over anyone she encounters. She is highly skilled in her presentation and she will leave you feeling like you have immediate and attainable steps to reach your goals. 100% recommend!”

Jeff McElroy

District Manager, Avis Budget Group

“Erin has been a superstar amongst the associates here at Houston, I have had at least 10 (no exaggeration) associates come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed and really took a positive message away from these sessions because of Erin’s ability to remain interactive and engaged.”

Lesley Viner

Director, Customer Excellence, Avis Budget EMEA Ltd

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did over the past weeks to support our program. I really appreciate the enormous effort you put into everything you do, along with the sheer enthusiasm, professionaliam, and overall expertise. You are awesome!!”

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