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Curious Question Round One: Your Control vs. Their Control

Happy Thursday! Today we’re shaking things up a bit in the newsletter world. I’ve taken to asking the teams I work with to write down a curious question at the end of our time together. This idea was inspired by Chad Littlefield, a master of connnection himself. ...

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Cash Cages and Connection with your Team

Erin, can I see you in my office? The tone and look implied an impromptu bonus would not be the topic du jour.  “We’ve talked and we’ve decided that you are going to go work in the accounting department for a few months. You’ll be up in the cash cage counting the...

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Lifting the weight takes time.

“Never give the problem a year and the solution a week.” The author Jon Acuff posted this pithy comment about someone who had gone to the gym for a few weeks and hadn’t lost all of the weight they were hoping to lose…which, as it would turn out, took them years to...

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It’s all Energy

I headed to yoga last Friday morning. I’ve got a few favorite teachers at my yoga studio, and a few favorite phrases from each of them.  Begin again. Stay on your mat.  Those are from my Slow Flow teachers.  Then there’s the Mixed Flow teacher who is known to fully...

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Feedback to Forget

“Can you help me not be an asshole?” 😳  The workshop had ended. It was late. Brandon was in a shouting-whisper discussion with his supervisor. You know that tone people take when they are trying to keep things quiet but are fired up and that energy comes through?...

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Who is it for?

What’s your “Why?”  Perhaps Simon Sinek’s concept and book, Start with Why are familiar to you. You’ve got his concept to thank if you’ve been to a conference recently and inevitably heard the speaker deviate from their regularly scheduled talk to show a picture of...

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The Four Guideposts: Lessons from Gamache

A few things got me through the pandemic: bags of Doritos, staring at the ocean, and Louise Penny and her Inspector Gamache book series.  For those not in the know, the series is set in Three Pines, a fictional town in Quebec. Penny writes in a way that makes you...

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Nice vs. kind, plus the one vital ingredient

I had a 7:00 am dentist appointment this morning. I hadn’t been for a cleaning since February, and my mouth is of the sort that needs the 3-month maintenance plan. When my hygienist asked me where I’d been, I said, “My favorite dentist retired and I was protesting....

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