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You’re Welcome, gratitude’s forgotten sidekick

While every store I've been into lately would have us believe it's December 18, not November 18th, I am refusing to succumb to the Christmas hype until I get another full week of gratitude...and get full past the point of popping with mashed potatoes next Thursday....

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Who gets your energy?

This past week in my session, there was a guy in the back. He was all of the things you might think “a guy in the back” might be. On his phone. Non-responsive to questions. A wiseass when he did answer. Mostly checked out.  I close out most of my sessions with the,...

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Our story creates our suffering

It all started with the line, “No offense…but…”  What he wrote wasn’t offensive. That phrase, however, is obnoxious. That line flicked the domino over and set in motion the events of the next two days.  The “no offense” comment was in response to me sending some...

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Amos Lee and the Buttons

Amos Lee was at the Florida Theater Tuesday night. Mike and I were there, 7 rows back; my 7th time seeing him. The first time we saw him was in 2017 at the same theater. Back then, I’m not sure I even knew who he was. My brother had gifted us the tickets saying we...

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Defending feedback

I spent a few days in Minnesota last week with a group working on their communication skills. There were two stand-out moments; one predictable, one not.  The group was mid “skill-practice” (which yes, is a euphemism for role play) when I delivered some feedback to...

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Taking things personally

“Switch email list to Campaigns.” Those five words have been on my to-do list for approximately eight months. In a phenomenon that probably already has a name, but we’ll call it “Erin-itis” for our purposes, this to-do list item will probably take 30 minutes,...

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Well, we finally heard from our new would-be-landlord how much he’s going to charge for our place. Put it this way: the 😂emoji is my favorite. It has been used at least one million times since we heard the number.    The number: between a $900-$1200...

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Quiet Quitting: Add it to my resume

May, 2008. I picked up and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, hired as the opening Training Manager for a Hilton Resort that was due to open that summer. This was a unique property in that it was located in the Pueblo of Pojoaque and would be the first resort/casino in...

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Moving again. Don’t care? You should.

We’re moving. Again. By again I mean for the third time in a year, and for the 12th time in the past ten years. But who’s counting?The dual move last year had a strong endgame–we landed 1 ½ blocks from the beach. The timing wasn’t quite right from when we got...

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Par for the Course: Telling not asking

Mike, my husband, puts the groundskeeping crew at Augusta to shame. To say he is meticulous in his golf course superintending is to say it’s fairly warm in Florida right now. (Reference: heat index 108 today.) That guy could spot a weed on Mars.  Tuesdays are...

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An aerial shot of a golf course

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