Jordan the Helpful Insurance Dude

by | Jun 9, 2022

Yesterday I found out I needed to procure some General Liability Insurance for a project I’m on. With unprecedented efficiency, I texted a friend, got a recommendation, jumped online, got a quote, thought “good enough,” called the number to give them my credit card info, complete the transaction, and move on with my day. 

Then came Jordan. 

He pleasantly answered the phone and when he asked how he could help, I said, “I’m calling to give you my credit card number so you can take my money and I can take your insurance.” There was no hard sell needed here; I was sold. 

As Jordan pulled up my info, he asked about the weather where I am. Oh, the old rapport-building question. This time, there was a difference. After I said it was 100 degrees of swampiness in Florida, he declared he had me beat because he was in the oven that is Arizona. The difference? Jordan listened and then shared, engaging in the conversation. He didn’t just check the “ask about the weather” box. 

When I told him what I do for a living, he gave motivational speaker extraordinaire Les Brown a shout-out. To be clear, I made zero claims I was of Les Brown ilk! However, Jordan was clearly paying attention and related what he did know about my profession and weaved it into the conversation. 

Next, it was time for him to switch over to the credit-card-info-taking software. There was a little break in the line and I lost him for a second. When we reconnected, I asked him what I was supposed to be doing as I had missed the instructions. He zinged me with, “Wait, I thought you said you talked about communicating and listening–aren’t you listening to me?”

Jordan throwing some heat!

Not going to lie. During this whole conversation I’d been multitasking (sorry, Jordan) but when he threw down the “aren’t you listening line,” I stopped all other activity and I was all in. I like a little light-hearted trash-talking. Jordan had my full attention. 

At that moment, I told Jordan I appreciated his style and his approach. His demeanor, his energy, and his general vibe were such a refreshing change from the rote robots that normally answer the phone in these sorts of situations.

He let me know that he’d been in a sales position or two and he had figured out “what worked.”

I didn’t ask him specifically what he meant by that comment. (Missed opportunity.)  From my vantage point “what worked” was listening, relating, and being his personable self. He brought conversational ease and genuine caring to what could have been a super transactional, unmemorable conversation. 

As the conversation came to a close, he outlined all of the emails heading to my inbox. He threw me a compliment or two about my “bubbly personality” and “energy” (I’ll take ‘em wherever I can get ‘em!). 

I had the thought, “Man, if only I could talk to Jordan ALL the time, but what are the chances of me getting him on the horn again?” That’s the moment I heard him say that I just had to hit reply and he’d be the one taking care of anything I needed. 

“Wait seriously, I get to talk to you again? You are my person?” He assured me it was true. 

The relief, dare I say excitement, and ease I felt knowing that if I had any issues, Jordan was my guy is probably not proportionate to the feelings one should have about their insurance salesperson. 

Jordan’s living proof that with genuine caring, thoughtful responses, and a little personal touch, a transactional exchange can be a memorable one. 

Let me know if you want his number.

PS: Special shout out to my most loyal reader of this newsletter: my Mom. Today is her birthday and I’d like to thank her for some of that “bubbly” energy. Moreso, I’d like to thank her for being my biggest fan and cheerleader and for keeping me steady. xoxo Mom.


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