The Ask: the Relief of Support

by | Mar 21, 2024

Two big epiphanies/dot connections/decisions happened this week.  I feel like a giant gorilla. 🦍

Stay with me. 

The gorilla image comes to mind because I feel like both of these decisions have made my shoulders drop about 23 inches from my ears, where they’re known to creep up and hang out. Now, I feel like they are downward-slopped, much like a gorilla’s shoulder silhouette. At least, that’s what a gorilla looks like in my mind. 

One decision came from two advisors who reflected on an idea I articulated. They summarized and packaged it, and I thought, “This is it!” Shoulder drop. 

The next came from deciding to get support for a nagging problem that’s the root of a lot of my business’s challenges. The relief! Shoulder drop. 

Now, in a slight twist from our regularly scheduled programming, I’ve got a question for you. A question that I might have the answer to, so your shoulders drop.

What’s on your mind? 

What are you struggling with at work? What’s the topic of all of your frustrated conversations?

On the flip side, what positive future can you see for your team if they just could … take this action or learn this skill (fill in the blank)? You can answer for yourself, too!

I’m not going to say I have all the answers to all of your problems! There is no guarantee of shoulder dropping! However, I am curious to hear what’s on your mind and what you’re dealing with in your work-worlds. 

Hit reply. Tell me what’s up. Deflate your ballon, as I’m known to say.

I am genuinely curious to hear what you’re struggling with. 

I’ll respond to you individually, and if there are trends out there, I’ll come up with some solutions for community-shoulder-dropping. 

We can be a whole troop of energized, shoulder dropped, ready to take on the next thing gorillas! 


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